Night Gallery


Viking Angel is the latest phantasmagoric meta-melodrama art/music/fashion/news/philosophy/lifestyle video project from the maverick mind and body of LA's Actually Huizenga.

Released in tandem with her new album Predator Romantic, this pop-rock-opera face melter superimposes a cornucopia of ancient mythological aesthetics and themes onto the surface of Los Angeles' contemporary cultural landscape. Indulge in the intoxicating delirium of Actually's unhindered vision, from its glitz and glamour sheen to its grimy gutters, as it leads you by the collar through an impressive range of subjects - Hollywood Stardom, the Occult, vampyric angels, and the LAPD. One can't help but smile with glee as she guns for your pleasure throne and aims her sharp fangs at your brain's throat.

A special premiere screening, performance and Bacchic launch party will be held at Night Gallery on Saturday August 2nd starting at 8pm, with special guests, special libations, and a special prize for the best Demon, Angel, Celebrity, or Viking (so be sure to dress accordingly).

Santi Vernetti

AUG 2, 08 - 11PM , 2014