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Kandis Williams at Cooper Cole Gallery

Night Gallery is pleased to announce "the rivers of styxx," a solo exhibition by Kandis Williams at COOPER COLE Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

In response to thinking about how anti-human propositions are re-produced intimately, covertly acting from a hybrid sub-non-conscious place on other systems of political representation; powerfully shaping our desire for togetherness and futurity. Crowd shots, classical beauty, Venus, sublimity, divinity as a mean of processing the natural world- mythology vs. philosophy- where violence and nationalism, violence and slavery are naturalized in the platonic revolution


Tell me, what you know of
Truth and Beauty
Performance and Hierarchy
The Book of Justice
The Book of Virtues

A unified vision
A perfect oblivion

Murderers of the Real Collapse Dilutes Into metaphysical despair At least As shadows Forever radiant With your own fascination

Show me perfection
Hold up Empire
Tell me
About progression
Descent and confusion
Between beauty and horror
A reversal of our natural order
(In my notes the last line says:
Neoliberalism is Greco
In your notes Thomas Paine once wrote:
What Athens was in miniature,
America will be in magnitude)

What’s Real Hidden and concealed
What is the essence of a judgment?
Being Holder of truth
Death is your affect
Doomed to forget
Unscrupulous deceit
Five hundred years of
Violence on repeat

Tell me, how you hold catharsis in your mouth dissonance on your tongue
Tell me, and
Let language and commerce guide you


All paths lead us here The river of woe Conceal me Know me and you will know truth The first lie
After glory Comes decay
This is the essence of a judgment
To win the race, a prettier face Rebuild the Republic Meticulously
History, needs work Re-worked Anything but, worked out Knowledge conceals Our loss Our past Our sense of purpose The history of the image remains unanswered But in response You said Bauhaus not Bacchus The difference is more than u c
–Amy Fung
Kandis Williams (b. 1985, Baltimore, USA) received her B.F.A. in 2008 from the Cooper Union School of Art, New York. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at Night Gallery, SADE, Los Angeles; 219 Madison, Brooklyn; St. Charles Projects, Baltimore, USA ; Works on Paper, Vienna, Austria; as well as a performance and workshop at Human Resources, Los Angeles. She was recently included in “A Woman’s Work,” a PopRally event at MoMA organized by Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah. Her work has also been exhibited at The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York; The Underground Museum, Los Angeles, USA; Neu West and 68 Projects, Berlin, Germany; and The Breeder, Athens, Greece, among other spaces. Williams has an active curatorial and writing practice, and runs Cassandra Press with artist Taylor Doran. Williams lives between Los Angeles and Berlin.