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Keith J. Varadi

Published by Night Gallery, 2015

Los Angeles-based artist, writer, and curator Keith J. Varadi (b. 1985, Pittsburgh, PA) has been writing poetry and making music for over a decade. MASK LIFE is a custom 7" flexi disc (edition of 50) made in collaboration with the artist Wesley Friedrich. This is the artists' first collaboration and Night Gallery's first record release. MASK LIFE was produced for Varadi's 2016 solo exhibition at the gallery, entitled Free Wi-Fi, Comedy. Varadi received his MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) and his BFA from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). Previous and upcoming exhibitions include Et al. (San Francisco, CA), Cooper Cole (Toronto, Ontario), The Journal Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), LOYAL (Stockholm, Sweden), Retrospective (Hudson, NY), and Smart Objects (Los Angeles, CA).