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Night Gallery North interior space

Night Gallery South

2276 E 16th Street Los Angeles CA 90021

Night Gallery North 

2050 Imperial Street Los Angeles CA 90021

+1 323 589 1135

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM

The gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions.



Davida Nemeroff, Owner

William Hathaway, Partner / Sales Director

Brian Faucette, Senior Director

Rachel Jennings, East Coast Senior Director

Nicoletta Pollara, Director

Brandi Sjostrom, Associate Sales Director

Alina Cohen, Director of Communications

Charlie Smith, Director of Operations

Brittany Mack, Registrar

Mickey Mackenna, Gallery Manager

Victoria Lopez, Gallery Assistant

Buzz Szilagyi, Head Preparator

Chip Hughes, Assistant Registrar