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Night Gallery to Represent Han Bing, Robert Nava, and Brie Ruais

Brie Ruais, "Desiccating from Center (Salton Sea)," 2019

Night Gallery is pleased to announce our representation of Han Bing, Robert Nava, and Brie Ruais. Working across disciplines in three highly distinctive styles, these artists demonstrate the gallery’s expansive vision, continuing our longtime support of the most exciting emerging talents working today.

Han Bing (b. Shandong, China, 1986) is known for her large-scale abstract paintings which layer swaths of color over rich gradients, evoking the unexpected beauty to be found in transient urban spaces. Heavily influenced by American Modernist painters, her work interpolates their teachings while redressing the exclusivity of their male-dominated conversation. Her meticulous compositions, rich with varied textures and details, nevertheless achieve a seemingly effortless grace. Han has mounted two solo exhibitions at Night Gallery, most recently territory to be tamed ------- if not later then when in October 2018. She is also represented by Antenna Space, Shanghai, where she has had three solo exhibitions, and she has participated in the Swatch Residency in Shanghai.

Robert Nava (b. East Chicago, Indiana, 1985) makes paintings that depict fantastical creatures in blunt, feverish lines. The subject matter of Nava’s paintings similarly reflects the artist’s concern with the primordial and instinctive, invoking archetypal figures that have belonged to mythologies across cultures and combining them with characters of the artist’s own invention. The resulting works are transgressive testaments to the expressionistic power of the imagination, their deceptive simplicity revealing unexpected virtuosity. Nava’s work has been included in group presentations at Night Gallery, including the exhibition Paradise in summer 2018. His first solo exhibition at Night Gallery will open July 20, 2019. He has also recently exhibited at Sorry We’re Closed, New York; V1 Gallery, Copenhagen; Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Allouche Benias Gallery, Athens, Greece; and CANADA Gallery, New York, NY, among others. 

Brie Ruais (b. California, 1982) makes large-scale wall and floor sculptures which employ her rigorous physicality to create organic compositions from clay. Beginning with her own body weight’s worth of clay, Ruais literally struggles against her material until its form bears the traces of her physical pressure. Her work incorporates substance from her surroundings, and her practice includes creating unfired sculptures at the site of her exhibitions, gracing these spaces with the ritualistic energy of creation. The resulting works are meditative, highly expressive testaments to woman achieving unity with nature. Ruais had an untitled solo exhibition at Night Gallery in 2018. She is also the recent recipient of the Pollock-Krasner award, and her work is in the collections of the Dallas Museum of Art, the Pizzuti Collection, and the Burger Collection.