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Night Gallery to represent Tahnee Lonsdale

Portrait of Tahnee Lonsdale by Phil Cheung, 2023

Night Gallery is proud to announce the representation of the Los Angeles-based artist Tahnee Lonsdale. This partnership follows Lonsdale's 2022 debut True Romance. The artist will be featured in our Frieze London presentation this fall and present her second exhibition with the gallery in 2024.

Lonsdale’s oil paintings depict tender scenes of figures whose bodies and limbs intertwine in flowing choreographies. Her rounded, pared down forms are both totemic and ethereal. They take inspiration from Henry Moore’s sculptures and originate in the artist’s drawing practice, retaining the solidity of the former and the delicacy of the latter. Fluidity and femininity are key to the artist’s work. Her interests in motherhood and communal care bear out in her compositions, in which figures’ arms ribbon around one another and bodies overlap in positions of consolation or communion. Feathery leaves often appear, echoing the shapes of figures’ hands and the keenly layered application of the paint itself. The eyes in Lonsdale’s paintings always gaze downward, grounding the artist’s spiritual canvases in earthly concerns: While their minimal palettes and outlined forms suggest a fantastical realm, the emotion they exude is undeniably human.


Tahnee Lonsdale (b. 1982, Reading, England) has had solo exhibitions at Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Cob Gallery, London, United Kingdom; Mine Project, Hong Kong, China; and De Buck Gallery, New York, NY among other galleries. She has presented group exhibitions at Nicodim, Los Angeles, CA; Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan; Public Gallery, London, United Kingdom; and Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA as well as other galleries and institutions. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.