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Tau Lewis "The Tongue and the Teeth" Artwork

"The Tongue and the Teeth," 2020

Tau Lewis "The Tongue and the Teeth" Acquired by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. Lewis’ work draws from hand-crafting traditions of quilting and painting to create sculptural portraits and landscapes. These works originate in a process of collecting found materials which map the artist’s movements between cities and loved ones. From these materials, which often bear connotations of domestic space, Lewis constructs works that conjure the fantastical and the familiar simultaneously, speaking to traditions of the imagination that have been passed through generations. Her work gestures toward collective identities and ancestral lineages, pointing toward shared belongings and the cultural signifiers of community. This is Lewis’ first major museum acquisition in the United States.  

Tau Lewis (b. 1993, Toronto, Canada) is a Jamaican-­Canadian sculptor who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Recent solo and group exhibitions include New Museum, New York and Night Gallery, Los Angeles. Forthcoming exhibitions include a two-­ person show at COOPER COLE, Toronto and a group show at the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Canada. Lewis lives and works in Toronto, Canada.