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Cara Benedetto - Origin of Love and Other Tales of Degradation - Publications - Night Gallery

Night Gallery is delighted to announce the release of Origin of Love and Other Tales of Degradation, a new collection of short stories by Cara Benedetto. This is Benedetto's third literary work, following 2014's The Coming of Age and 2015's Burning Blue. 

As the author writes in the book's introductory note:

The following are origin stories, they speculate on drives and desires I observe in every day intra-actions. The characters are unknown and unknowing liars, in-flow and out of touch. 

Contradictions in origin and impulse wake me at night, and are, in part, the reason I write. The body won't let the mind quiet and my I is tied up in the rotten mess. I attempt to move through an inability to locate the thing, sometimes describe it, thereby repeating it. Rosalyn Deutsche said feminism is a shifting of terms, not positions.

Terms are hard to locate in this sentence, even more difficult to distinguish between the voices presented, how they are silenced, and the spaces kept open – allowing for critical readership.

It's all I can do to stretch our understanding of love.

Softcover, 142 pages, 5.5" x 8"
​$30 + shipping ($2.50 flat rate)
​PDF editions available for $5

Copyright © 2020 Cara Benedetto
ISBN 978-1-64999-680-0

Published by Night Gallery | Book design by nicole killian

Available from Night Gallery and Oof Books
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