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Mira Dancy - Madonna Undone - Publications - Night Gallery

Night Gallery is delighted to announce the release of Mira Dancy's Madonna Undone, a new catalogue designed by Jessica Fleischmann (Still Room). 

Madonna Undone commemorates the artist’s exhibition of the same name, which was on view at Night Gallery from September 24 through November 5, 2022. In this exhibition, Dancy brought her signature take on chromatic figuration into expanded compositional fields, her subjects exuding strength within vivid naturalistic scenes. The catalogue includes a conversation between the artist and Victoria Cheong about the symoblic language of astrology, the autonomous goddess, and the archetypical feminine. 

Softcover, 8" x 10", 104 pages, first edition, 2022
$40 + tax and shipping

Copyright © 2022 Mira Dancy and Night Gallery

ISBN 979-8-8831-163-9

Published by Night Gallery
Edited by Jayne Pugh  
Designed by Jessica Fleischmann, Still Room  
Printed by Clear Image, Los Angeles
Artwork photography: Nik Massey
Installation photography: Marten Elder

Available from Night Gallery
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