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WANDA KOOP - Wanda at Work - Publications - Night Gallery

In tandem with Objects of Interest, Wanda Koop's fourth solo presentation with Night Gallery, the gallery has published Wanda Koop at Work. The volume features around 400 photographs of the artist, taken between 1978 and 2001—all by Canadian photographer (and Koop's former partner) William Eakin. Altogether, the rich selection of images captures Koop's ongoing visual investigation into the world around her, and her intensely committed practice.


Soft Cover 9" x 11", first edition, 2023

$50 + tax and shipping


Copyright © Wanda Koop and Night Gallery, Los Angeles

All photography copyright William Eakin © 2023

All depicted artwork copyright Wanda Koop © 2023

Written works by Robin Laurence and Robert Enright © 2023



ISBN 979-8-89298-999-2


Published by Night Gallery, Los Angeles

Book Design by Tanya Peters

Book Printed by City Press in Winnipeg, Canada


Available from Night Gallery
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